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User Upload - Uploading Files In Frontend

Category: Phoca Download Component


In Phoca Download, users can upload files in frontend. Before they can upload, it is necessary to set all of the following elements:

  • Creating menu link to User Upload Layout - go to Administration - Menu Manager - e.g. Main Menu - create new menu link - select Phoca Download and click User Upload Layout. Set the name for this menu link and set parameters.
  • Parameter Enable User Upload must be set to Yes (or Use Global in case, it was set in Global Configuration of Phoca Download - in Joomla! 1.5). It is recommended to set all other upload parameters (because of security)
  • Users need to get upload rights for specific category. It means, you should go to Administration - Phoca Download - Categories. Select a category and edit it (or create new one). In edit mode of the category, select which users will have upload rights to this category.

If menu link to User Upload Layout is created, parameter Enable User Upload is set to Yes and user has upload rights to upload to some category, then after login and clicking on User Upload menu link in frontend and selecting category, user will be able to upload files to Phoca Download component.

Phoca Download UCP - frontend uploading

Phoca Download UCP - frontend uploading 



If you cannot select a category in frontend (there is no one to select) you need to set the upload rigths for logged in user in category edit. Logged in user, who does not see the categores in select box, must be selected in administration, in category edit, in parameter: Upload Rights (Components - Phoca Download - Categories - New/Edit - Upload Rights.


If you are logged in as Super User in fronentd, you will be able to select a category in select box only in case you as Super User are selected in parameter Upload Rights (or all registered users are selected).
For now, user cannot edit the uploaded file in frontend, this feature is planned.



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