Category: Phoca Commander Component
Phoca Commander Options:

General Options

F Keys Display F keys with titles or without titles
Box (Panel) Height Set box (panel) height in px
Maximum Upload Size Set the maximum size for an upload. Use zero for no limit. Do not forget, that the upload size can be limited by the server settings (in bytes)
Overwrite Existing Files Set if uploaded files should overwrite existing files on the server
Allowed File Types (Upload) Set allowed file types for upload. Default list of filetypes is not complete and should be modified to fit your needs.
Disallowed File Types (Upload) Set disallowed file types for upload
Ignore File Types Checking Set if checking of file types will be ignored. If yes: Allowed File Types (Upload) and Disallowed File Types (Upload) will be ignored.
Edit Not Writable Files Set if edit function can store files which should be not writable
Create Index File If new folder will be created, set if index.html file will be created inside this folder.

Experimental Features

Please, read documenation before enabling experimental feature.

Enable ZIP Function Enable or disable ZIP function. Be aware, for running ZIP successfully, permissions and ownership of files and folders on your server needs to be OK. You can use this feature for zipping small files and small amount of files. Zipping large files or large amount of files can cause server problems (halting, overloading, performance problems or unexpected errors). For zipping large files or large amount of files like backup is, use standard server tools. Allways check your newly created ZIP, if it includes all folders and files.


Default permissions used for all content in this component.

Permissions Set permissions