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Class PhocaDownloadUser - list of methods

Located at: Phocadownload/user/user.php
Project: Phoca Download

Method Summary

public static
(mixed $formName = 'language')

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public static
(mixed $file, mixed $userId)

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public static array
(mixed $name, mixed $id, mixed $active, mixed $nouser = 0, mixed $javascript = NULL, mixed $order = 'name', mixed $reg = 1, mixed $returnArray = 0)

Method to display multiple select box
  • string $name Name (id, name parameters)
  • array $active Array of items which will be selected
  • int $nouser Select no user
  • string $javascript Add javascript to the select box
  • string $order Ordering of items
  • int $reg Only registered users
  • array of id
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