Phoca Cart Development Version 3.0.0 Alpha2 Released

Phoca Cart

Phoca Cart component development version 3.0.0 Alpha2 has been released.


Changelog (in comparison to Alpha1):

  • Added Recreate Thumbnails function for Categories
  • Added missing translation strings into Sys language file
  • Added new parameter - Display subcategories in Categories View
  • Finished Batch for products and categories
  • Finished ACL feature for categories, products, shipping, payment and form fields
  • Added new parameter - Display category description in Categories View
  • Added links to product items
  • Fixed minor langauge typo errors
  • Added new parameter - Display New Icon
  • Added new parameter - Product Ordering
  • Added new parameter - Category Ordering
  • Added pagination and ordering parameters to category view
  • Added new parameter - Display Ordering Select Box in Category View
  • Finished attribute feature (if required, must be selected first - in Category View, Item View)
  • Finished deleting feature in administration
  • Finished stock handling feature
  • Finished minimum order quantity feature
  • Added order status handling
  • Finished stock movements feature (changing order status)
  • Finished emailing feature (changing order status, include sending order, invoice or delivery note)
  • Added Payment Rules: Amount, Country, Region, Shipping
  • Added Payment costs (no tax, including tax, excluding tax)
  • Finished Shipping method and Payment method rules.

What does Alpha2 mean:

• this version is designed for developers and testers
• the component is not ready yet, some features are still missing, e.g.

   - payment methods
   - possible Xml or Pdf outputs

• all features are developed from scratch (there can be a lot of possible problems)
• calculation should be thoroughly tested
• of course such version cannot be used on production site.

What is and what isn't Phoca Cart:

Phoca Cart is simple shopping cart solution for Joomla! 3 CMS. It is not robust e-commerce solution like VirtueMart is. If you are looking for robust e-commerce solution, you should use VirtueMart not PhocaCart (in addition, there is a long way to make Phoca Cart stable and ready).

Why has been released a not completed extension:

Shopping cart solution is really complicated system (for example calculation: inclusive VAT, exclusive VAT, fixed VAT value, percentage VAT value, discounts on all items, on selected items, on selected categories - fixed or percentage, shipping rules based on region, country, amount or weight values, shipping VAT, payments, etc. - all this in various combinations) so it needs to be heavily tested.

If you find any bug or you have some feature request idea, please post a topic to Phoca Forum. Thank you.

For now there are three modules:

• Phoca Cart Cart module - displaying a cart in module position
• Phoca Cart Currency module - displaying currency selector in module position
• Phoca Cart Compare module - displaying selected products to display them in comparison list.

Screenshots: Phoca Cart screenshots site.

Demo: Phoca Cart demo site.


Phoca Cart component download site.

Phoca Cart download site.


To test Phoca Cart, you need to run Joomla! 3 and template with Bootstrap 3 design, see Phoca Gweld:

Phoca - Joomla! 3 Templates

Inside Phoca Gweld installation package you will find Phoca Upgrade plugin - install this plugin and enable it in your Plugin Manager - it is a system plugin which tries to change Bootstrap 2 design (rendered by Joomla! 3) to Bootstrap 3 design.


See this article: How to install sample data in Phoca Cart to easily test the component.


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