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Installing Sample Data (Demo Data) In Phoca Cart

Category: Phoca Cart Component

This guide describes how to install Phoca Cart and its demo data to easily test this component:

1) Download Phoca Cart component and its modules (e.g. Phoca Cart Cart module). Install them in Joomla! administration.

2) Download and install this file in Joomla! Administration - sample data will be added into database. Product and Category images will be copied to Images folder.

3) Create a menu link to Phoca Cart (Menus - e.g. Main Menu - Add New Menu Item - Select Menu Item Type: Phoca Cart - Categories List Layout - set the Title and save it.

4) Install template which supports Bootstrap 3 design (see below).


To test Phoca Cart, you need to run Joomla! 3 and template with Bootstrap 3 design, see Phoca Cart or Phoca Gweld:

Phoca - Joomla! 3 Templates

Inside Phoca Cart installation package you will find Phoca Upgrade plugin - install this plugin and enable it in your Plugin Manager - it is a system plugin which tries to change Bootstrap 2 design (rendered by Joomla! 3) to Bootstrap 3 design.


Region and country data can be imported in Phoca Cart administration (in Countries or Regions view).


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