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Phoca AdSense

Post by saovry »

Phoca Adsense support in the Joomla's Content or not? I inserted this Phoca Ads in the Joomla's content but I don't see google show up.

Here is the module id that I inserted in Joomla Content, but I don't google ads shows up.
{loadmoduleid 110}

For me I want to google ads shows up in Joomla content too.

Do you have any ideas? Could you help me?

thank you.
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Re: Phoca AdSense

Post by Jan »

Hi, Phoca Google AdSense Easy is standard Joomla module, this means, it can be displayed in content too per the methods you described.

Try to see the HTML of your site and check if there is Javascript code or not to display the ads. If not then the problem will be somewhere in Joomla (check if module is enabled, etc. etc.). If yes, then there will be some problem direct in the Ads :idea:

Try even to load it per different methods:

{loadposition position[, style]}
{loadmodule mod_type,the title[, style]}
{loadmoduleid moduleId}

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