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It includes some interesting features. It is equipped with an elegant home that displays the logo of the site and serves as a kind of "welcome entry page".Additionally the template is equipped with the JF slideshow, which is visible on the main page. It can show any images, text and links. Also it can be customized using different fonts, colors and links on every slide!

In the portfolio page we use the powerful Joomlaworks K2 component to show the portfolio entries. We included k2 template override to be able to show portfolio this way. The items will be displayed and can be filtered using the Isoptope Metafizzy plugin. You can test it in our demo site.

In the blog page we use the default k2 template layout, showing the blog entries in a elegant way.The detail page of k2 shows the full k2 detail layout, with images, full text, social links, comments, authhr info etc.In the content main container we can insert 3 separate modules. Also in the bottom of the template we prepared 3 module positions that you can use as you like.

The social links, the contact page informations details, the copyright info etc. can be customized and changed directly from the template paramenters in the backend.

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