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Enfuse Shop Joomla Template

Enfuse is a fresh, multipurpose shopping cart theme which comes with everything you need to open a shop for your website Do you need a mobile friendly Joomla shop template to build a modern, contemporary e-commerce website to help you sell products online? If yes then we have created the prefect design for you called Enfuse that is powered by the popular Virtuemart e-commerce shopping cart extension which comes with everything you need to open a shop. Enfuse allows you to present your products in a professional and elegant way plus it comes with some great built-in features including a latest and featured products module slider, product zoom feature zoom feature, custom module styles and much more. When you combine all the great features and functionality we have incorporated into Enfuse you have the perfect design for building a professional shop.

  • Enfuse is a mobile friendly ecommerce design which looks great across all computer, tablet and smartphone screen sizes to ensure your website visitors get the best user experience when they visit and buy products at your website.
  • Enfuse is fully compatible with the latest version of the popular Virtuemart e-commerce extension and the K2 extension.
  • Enfuse comes with supplied with six different colorful styles for you to choose from. You can also create your own unique color style using the built-in theme customization tool which allows you to easily customzie the style for the design to help you create a unique look for your website and shop.
  • Enfuse supports custom CSS styles and HTML overrirdes for the Virtuemart e-commerce shop extension so it seamless blends in with the template at the website.
  • Enfuse includes support for CSS styles and HTML overrides for the K2 extension which powers the blog.
  • The built-in slideshow is really easy to use and customize with your own photos and text. It also comes with lots of really useful features to give you complete control over how the slideshow is presented at your website.
  • You get a choice of over 40 fully collapsible module positions to give you both the freedom and control to publish the modules you create anywhere at your website.
  • Enfuse suports a wide variety of fonts and typography styles to help you easily apply different styles to the content you publish to your website.
  • Enfuse supports a customer choice and latest, featured products slider module for Virtuemart which is a great way to display the latest products you have available for sale at your website.
  • Customers can zoom into the product images to display more details about the products you have available at the website before they make a decision to buy product.
  • The design comes with a custom K2 slider module to display the latest articles you have published via your blog on the front page of your website.
  • The top menu items can display a "hot" label above the menu item which is a great way of getting your visitors attention.
  • The user registration and log in module located at the top of the design allows your visitors to quickly register new accounts and log into your website to purchase products and track orders at your website.
  • Enfuse supports a custom search module which slides in and out which is useful for you visitors who want to quickly search for information included in your website.
  • Enfuse was designed using the latest technology including HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and Bootstrap.
  • The theme control panel included with Enfuse allows you to easily update all the features and settings we have incorporated into the design.
  • Enfuse is compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Google chrome, iOS and Android browsers.
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