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Quark represents an evolution in Joomla 3 templates, offering quick-switch styles that let you swap out different looks for your website in record time, with each style bringing new features, functionality and visuals that work in tandem to provide a spectacular user experience. From dining to ecommerce, events to business promotion and many more besides, Quark is the ultimate starting point for the website of your dreams. What's more, as well as new styles being released regularly there's also a host of extra pages, options and other bonuses to get things off the in minutes and let you customize to your heart's content.

Base Quark Style
Expert design creates an effective service or tech landing page

Great innovative tech and services need a website to match. Your image plays a huge part in success, and with Quark you can make a massive impact on your patrons' perceptions with professional clean layouts. Highlight your devices innovative elements with an elegant slideshow, use photography to impress your core values with parallax scrolling and overlaid text, and frequent links can direct users to find out more about what you can provide at every step of their site visit.

Deliver multimedia content in a unique, eye-catching way

Your potential customers need to know what you're about at a glance; with more competition than ever any delay can cause them to give up and move on. The base Quark style comes packed with features to help you make an immediate impression; video blocks that blend effortlessly with the template design and full-width tab content that boasts a range of custom layouts provided by our Tabs module with options for display any module content you desire, from simple text to complex showcases. Every area of your landing page can be as beautiful and enthralling as the last.

Expand and promote your social reach with social counters and team pages

You know you're popular, and you want your clients to know too. The core Quark design includes modifiable social media counters that emphasise your online clout so visitors know you're knowledgeable and trusted. Push for stronger client/provider relationships with an expansive "Our Team" page that's loaded with ways to introduce your company's team and philisophy, including client logos, animated employee profiles and work counters that show off your successes.

Quark Restaurant Style
Start a beautiful bar and grill or other eatery Joomla website with Quark Restaurant

Our tasty Restaurant restyle takes all the great special pages and features of the original template and remixes them to suit a beautiful eatery aesthetic that places a spotlight on your food and drink that's sure to get your customers' mouths watering!

Give your diners what they want for the perfect food site

Restaurant's take on the homepage comes with a renewed look, allowing multiple ways to connect with food-lovers. New sections include a menu area to showcase your most spectacular dishes, a rotating events and blog section to keep visitors informed of any special days you have in the oven, and a jaw-dropping reservation call to action section, with contact information, links to a reservation form, and an amazing visual feast provided by a video background that's guaranteed to catch the eye and drive up interest in your location.

Excellent side extras round out your dining options

It doesn't stop there; this restyle includes two Restaurant-exclusive pages dedicated to your menu and reservations. Elegant menu pages offer a measured combination of aside images and text, with star icons to draw attention to your popular options, while a dedicated reservation page covers all the information you'll need to provide a superior dining experience, with a complete contact form including party size, special instructions and date & time requests. Finally, this restyle includes a useful selection of food-themed icons from PixelLove for that special touch of finesse that brings a dish together!

Quark Single Product Store
Discover a new way to sell and promote your products

Turn your selling strategy on its head with the Quark Store. Specially-designed to provide a deep focus on a small range of exclusive products, or even a spectacular single product, Quark Store includes new features to help you sell to discerning consumers by highlighting the sheer quality of what you have on offer. Market a lifestyle, not a product, and enjoy the loyalty that strong branding and consumer satisfaction bring.

Unique looks draw attention to your key features and merchandise

If you want your brand to penetrate public consciousness, you need a style that offers something fresh. Quark Store makes discovery part of the site journey; clickable buttons open informative image and text blocks covering key aspects of your product line, video blocks add a multimedia twist to your frontpage, and relaxed product highlights let interested purchasers get a clear outline on your superior offerings.

Virtuemart support offers a simple, accessible shopping experience

Once your sublime marketing and branding has peaked interest, Quark Store has all the elements for a smooth and comfortable transaction thanks to Virtuemart 3 support. Interesting item pages give all the information your buyer needs with huge photos and tabbed sections for extra data or reviews. A dynamic cart offers a smooth overlay in the corner when clicked, and automatically updates without page reloading for maximum comfort.

Build your community, build your brand with AcyMailing Joomla Newsletter component

With the right website design and the right product, you can attract key consumers in your target demographic that will help spread your brand and reach worldwide. For that, you'll need a superior way to stay in touch with your community. Quark Store comes equipped with AcyMailing support, a superior newsletter solution that offers a robust free component and extra paid features for larger users; GavickPro customers can grab themselves a 20% discount on all AcyMailing products by visiting our Discount Coupon Page.

To help encourage users to sign-up for your newsletter we've prepared a stunning, unobtrusive yet eye-catching Newsletter pop-up that automatically appears in the bottom-right corner of the browser window, providing an effective call-to-action that's sure to drive more sign-ups.

Be original; setup your single-product focus site today

Stand out from the crowd; don't rely on mass-produced throwaway designs. Offer a product that's unique and astounding and make a website that demonstrates the one-of-a-kind special elements it offers to make a massive impact on the world of online shopping.

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