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JM Education - school Joomla template with WCAG & ADA compliance Magnificent school Joomla template created for any type of schools like primary school, college, university, language school or daycare and kindergarten websites. This school Joomla template uses easy Joomla modules for displaying icons with text, teachers profiles, pricing tables or social icons. All those Joomla modules are free and adjusted to the Joomla template school website design which is WCAG 2.1 compliant including section 508 and ADA.We also used other extensions like DJ-MediaTools - the commercial gallery component and DJ-Tabs to let you insert articles or modules inside tabs or accordion. All commercial Joomla extensions are included in this bestseller school Joomla template price - you will get them for free.On the demo site, you may also discover several views for Joomla events calendar that you may use for presenting school upcoming events.It's WCAG 2.1 compliant website template for Joomla CMS, it means that it follows WCAG and section 508 and ADA recommendations for an accessible website to adjust for people with different disabilities like visual, cognitive, motor or hearing impaired. 

100% responsive school Joomla template

It's 100% responsive & mobile friendly school Joomla template. This school website template is tested for mobile devices and adjusted to all screen views to allow users to browse it easily. This school website design is fully responsive which makes it user-friendly for using on phones or tablets.

The school website offer presentation

Presenting the services of the school in a clear and engaging way is the very important thing. This school Joomla template you may show the website’s visitors the interesting programs school offer. Each service mentioned can have a linked title, description and the icon (font awesome or glyphicon).It’s a simple Joomla module implemented in this awesome school Joomla template purposed for displaying product features or company services. It also allows adding a read more button if needed.

Students area on a school website

Another essential task for the good school Joomla template is to include a “students area” - site section where students can find everything that matters to them like:

  • Lesson program - a calendar or a schedule with the list of activities for each day
  • The list of services/courses/activities
  • Other information - rules, prices, etc.
  • Videos
  • Images (gallery)
  • List of teachers
School events presentation

Thanks to DJ-Events - easy to use free events calendar Joomla extension you may display events listing divided by weeks, or display a calendar where you can find all defined events.Events calendar provided with a school Joomla template is always a bonus feature that you will use for sure on a school website.

Colored boxes to attract visitors attention

The most significant school website sections can be presented in colorful and eye-catching, and link-able boxes. This school Joomla template allows using the right colors, and help to catch the attention of the site visitors.

Based on flexible Joomla framework EF4

You may adjust the template to your needs without touching the code! EF4 powerful Joomla Framework give you many helpful features from modifying the template colors to adjusting template layout to desktop and mobile devices.

WCAG 2.1 & 508 & ADA compliance

The Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.1 is a stable, referenceable technical standard that covers a range of recommendations for making Web content more accessible.It is recommended to use solutions like WCAG Joomla templates that will allow you to launch an accessible website with WCAG compliance that covers requirements to 508 & ADA standards.

News section on a school website

The news from the school is a vital part of every school and other education websites. Presenting latest news in a clean way can be done with the help of the JM Intro Articles free Joomla module that displays a list of articles from a selected category. 

Tons of news divided into tabs or accordion

The school website is the place where people want to get the information. Tabs are a trendy way of presenting content, especially when it comes to the latest news.Using the Joomla tabs component gives you the choice between presenting content in tabs or in an accordion layout. Content can come from the single article, article category or modules.

Useful contact boxes

Including a contact information on the school website is a critical task. To make it readable and clear you should consider using a Joomla module where you can show your email, phone number or address. An additional element like graphics is also recommended.

Teaching staff profiles

Another essential part of the school website is the presentation of the school stuff. The school is a hub for students, teachers, parents, so it’s good to include the staff/administration or teachers profiles somewhere on the website.Access to a list of a teacher, or managers can be essential for open parent communication and relationship-building. Their profiles may include a name, position, photo image and some contact details.

Ready to use banners

Show off beautiful banners including images and text buttons. The ready made banner provided with this school websit template can be a great tool when to comes to arouse interest. Banners can inform, notify about a new product, increase brand awareness and more. Consider using them for information like “Coming soon,” “discount” or similar.

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