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JM Job Listings - 3 in 1: job board, standard classifieds advertising, business directory websites template incl. GDPR compliance What's included in the template price?General info about this templateThis job classifieds Joomla template provides you 3 complete solutions to run a job listings website, the business directory and standard classified ads.Using DJ-Classifieds extension as job directory platform it allows employers to post their job offers in your job directory and job seekers to apply for each offer by sending a resume.What is more, you can monetize your business by setting paid categories, promotions and restrictions.Job seekers can use advanced search module to search for a job depending on many filters such as category, region or any custom field which you can easily create in the administration back-end. Using DJ-MediaTools extension you can create beautiful galleries and slides basing on the job offers. The template is also using DJ-Tabs extension to display content as tabs or accordion and DJ-MegaMenu to the displayed advanced menu system.Due to its neutral design, you can use this template for a different purpose than job listings, for example, local classifieds or business directory.Note: Since this is the very common question, please read it :) Thanks to flexible custom fields you may sell whatever you want with this classifieds Joomla template and create your search and product details criteria. Examples shown on the demo site are samples only, you may create your product details - the specification that may be different for each category.Moreover, it follows the latest law requirements and the classifieds software includes GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliance.

  • Joomla 3.9.x
  • DJ-Classifieds
  • DJ-MediaTools
  • DJ-MegaMenu
  • DJ-Tabs
  • DJ-Suggester Light
  • JM Social Icons
  • GDPR compliance
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