Low loading times - SEO

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Low loading times - SEO

Post by metestaki » 08 Sep 2019, 10:24

coming deeper in SEO for Phoca Cart, I noticed low loading times (using Astroid zero template in my project).

Using https://developers.google.com/speed/pagespeed/insights/

I have firstly tested the demo page of the template I use https://astroidframework.com, which gives 1.7 secs of loading time.

Your demo site with the above template and Phoca Cart https://www.phoca.cz/phocacartdemo/astr ... phocacart/
gives 6,5 secs of loading time.

The delay seems to be due to not prefering asynchronous resources.

What about adding an "async" attribute to all scripts / css loaded by Phoca Cart?

I would be glad to hear your thoughts about this issue.

Thank you in advance and congrats again for this awesome free e-shop component!

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Re: Low loading times - SEO

Post by Jan » 08 Sep 2019, 16:08

Hi, the loading is even influenced by loading of ads on the demo page and that it is loaded on very low cost server (even the connection of the server to internet is complicated - I search for an alternative)

But the main problem of the demo server is:
- Google Ads
- Google Analytics
- Google Fonts
(when all three services will be disabled, the loading time gives very different results)

And of course, ecommerce demo page with all possible plugins and modules to demanstrate the system will be always slower.

When ecommerce software loads list of products, it is not only loading products, there must be a lot of parts checked:

- access to products, access to categories,
- price, discount price, price for customer group, currency price, tax price,
- manufacturer/brand info,
- tags,
- labels,
- attributes,
- specifications,
- images, additional images,
- product groups,
- reviews,
- reward points,
- all stock features, etc.


Scripts and CSS are loaded by Joomla! system not by Phoca Cart so it is hard to influence it. Mostly when you build a website using CMS, all styles and scripts are loaded in head because to not load them twice, etc. In Joomla!, all styles and scripts are in front and where there is some duplicity, such style or script will be removed from the front. At the end of rendering the page, the front will be set. So in fact it is very problematic to load the script or css not in the head managed by Joomla! methods :idea:

Maybe better method is to use some of the Joomla! system plugins which unify and compress all of the styles and scripts (optimizers) :idea:

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Re: Low loading times - SEO

Post by metestaki » 23 Sep 2019, 07:19

Thank you so much for your suggestions!

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