I could not upload bmp images

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I could not upload bmp images

Post by kifayath » 16 Jul 2015, 12:41

Hi everyone,

I am using your phoca gallery component in my client website. Its was great component, well done guys.

My Question :

i created a menu "Add Photos" and assign menu type as Phoca Gallery=> User Control Panel. Now from the frontend the users can successfully upload the photos(.png, .jgp,.jpeg) except .bmp images. While i am uploading .bmp image it is giving the error: File type is not supported
Our client also need to upload .bmp images. So could u please tell me how to do this. its urgent for us...

Thanks & Regards,
Kaif khan

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Re: I could not upload bmp images

Post by Jan » 17 Jul 2015, 14:33

Hi, only standard images (jpg, png, gif) are supported.
BMP is not supported as mostly such type (mostly not compressed) cannot be managed by server or has problems when loading (it is too large), just search for "why not use bmp".

So they are not supported as they are not used on web (mostly). I don't like to say that your client should not use images which are not "ready" for internet use, but there is no other solution. Even some program can support bmp, it is only a question of time when there will be problems (problems when loading large image by client, problems when creating thumbnails by server, problems with traffic because of displaying large images, etc. ) :idea:

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