Your project amazing! Can you do better?

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Your project amazing! Can you do better?

Post by ehndrju » 18 May 2021, 09:09

For earlier I apologize for the translation. I hope your understand me. :)
I use phoca cart second month. It amazing! :twisted: Exellent component! :twisted: Thanks you for your work! :twisted:
May be I don't understand all the settings a bit.
I am missing some functionality. :idea:
1. How to make a filter in the form of a range (how a price filter), not a checkbox.
2. When applying a filter by one parameter, it is necessary that the filters that do not correspond to the remaining product are not available (disabled or hidden).
3. After applying the filter, if you go to the product and return to the group through a link (for example, the breadcrumbs link), then the filter is reset. It is not comfortable. The filter should remain until i leaves the group.
4. The filter does not correctly count the number of goods in the group.
5. I think, filter it shows how many all items there are with this parameter. But this product can be in different categories. If a part of the product is in "category 1" (for example, 3 pieces), and a part in "category 2" (for example, 2 pieces). after entering in "category 1" or "category 2" the filter shows the total quantity (5 pieces).
6. We need a "clear filter" button.
7. When there are many parameters in filter module, need to scroll down for a very long time to reach the product. Ideally, the filter could be opened with a separate button. or hide and reappear by pressing the filter button.
At the moment, I had to hide the filter module in the mobile version of the template.
or in the filter module, for each parameter, i can separately choice it is open or closed.
8. Very important! Admin panel.
All created parameters for the product are displayed in the "Publishing Options" tab. If there are a lot of them, it is difficult to find 3-4 needed ones. Separation into groups is needed. One parameter can be included in several groups.
Then by going to "Publishing Options" and selecting the group that I need, only those parameters that are needed for this product will be displayed.
9. More Very important.
I do not use email for checkout. mobile phone only.
After placing an order, instead of the message "thanks for the order", I need to display the order number, or better a form with the order number and a list of goods.
if all of the above functionality is already there, that's great, if not, I hope it will appear in the next version.
This is very necessary
So, something like this :)

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Re: Your project amazing! Can you do better?

Post by Jan » 18 May 2021, 13:09


1) In Phoca Cart Filter module you can enable it in options:


2) the currect filter module does not work witht he exclude function (exclude all parameters which are not more inlcuded in selected product) - for this another module needs to be done or current module customized.

3) See similar posts in this forum - this is GET filter, not POST or SESSION filter it means - you can go direct to the filtered product page, see example: ... 1-business

In this example you can go to this page directly - to page which lists all templates with extension "phoca cart" and tag "business" ... then if you click on breadcrumb - e.g. to another category then the filter with selected items will not valid anymore - e.g. if you go with breadcrumb link to category BLOG - it is not possible that "BUSINESS" category will be active here, then the results will be not more valid.

4) Can you be more specific - the count is based on the number of items - it means, if there is e.g. tag "business", it counts all the items in shop which include this tag. Related to 2) there is no option to count combination of different filter items, for this another module needs to be done.

5) categories is specific type - you can display the category standard way - going from categories to category then to item but category can be even a filter parameter with tag "c", so you can have more filtered categories, example: ... nal-social

Here you can see that a filtered page can include 3 categories. And in Options there are specific settings where you can e.g. disable the standard displaying of category view (items only with one category) and instead of having this tree level:

categories - category - item

you can have

categoriey - category with filter "c" tag - item

6) You can have a clear button e.g. in search module which directly cooworks with filter module:


See example on the JTD page

7) This is mostly done by CSS and Bootstrap classes, see:
the items can be expanded (so in CSS it can be customized if some items will be displayed or the filter group will be hidded - in this forum there are different guides to customize it)

8) Yes, for now, there is no grouping of parameters, only for specifications

9) There are different ways how to customized the "thank for for the order" page - it can be through language override, or through info view description or through the plugin. Mostly this needs to be done directly for specific eshop.

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