Return to list in last selected item

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Return to list in last selected item

Post by bizsmith » 24 Apr 2020, 00:17

PC 3.5 Category-Product List view
Not sure if this is a feature request or something already in place I cannot find.
example: on page 3 of 30 pages in product list view
Select an item and go to single Item view
Finished with item and go back to list view via the back-to-category button and it takes me back to beginning of list on page 1 vs back to last item viewed on page 3.
Can back-to-category or back-to-list button go back to same page and same item as last viewed if possible?
something along the lines of the JS goBack function

<button class="btn-info" style="font-size: 120%" onclick="goBack()">Previous Page</button>
<script>function goBack() { window.history.back()}</script>



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Re: Return to list in last selected item

Post by Jan » 24 Apr 2020, 14:31

Hi, thank you for the idea.

There are some problems regarding this feature. In fact the button is not "back" button but "up" button. So in case you want to see previous page, you should use brwoser arrow, not the "up" button to parent category.

But yes, I understand that this is logical feature. I can take a look at it and see if the limitstart can be somehow stored in item view and can be used when going "back" to category list.

The problem is AJAX pagination which cannot be solved by this way, so this only can be applied to standard pagination. The same problem can occur e.g. when filter will change and the count of item will change - so e.g. you send user to page 5 but there is no more such page.

I have added it to feature request list and will try to test if it is possible at least to use the limitstart variable with standard pagination.

Thank you for this idea.

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