Styling/layout of header and footer?

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Styling/layout of header and footer?

Post by modernmagic » 17 Nov 2020, 19:56

1) I see that some html does not work properly.
How do you recommend controlling the layout of the header so that I can get a logo in the upper left and Text in the upper right?

2) We want a copyright date in the footer. We typically use Regular Labs Sourcerer with this code {source}<?php echo date("Y"); ?>{/source} but the PHP code gets removed by the Footer Editor even if I disable editors in Joomla's global config.

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Re: Styling/layout of header and footer?

Post by Jan » 17 Nov 2020, 21:13


1) as written on Phoca PDF website, PDF is not HTML, PDF is static document and HTML is dynamic, so a lot of dynamic features known from HTML world just does not work in PDF. So the best way for placing element in PDF is to do per tables. With help of tables you can place the parts e.g. to left, center, bottom, etc.

2) See content plugin options. You can enable displaying of plugins in the content and render them in PDF document (mostly there needs to be really simple output made by the plugin)

The source plugin works too, but because it is not content plugin, sometimes it is not translated because it is called by Joomla! system after sending the output to PDF, so sometimes, it needs to be deinstalled and installed again. Or the Phoca PDF content plugin needs to be deinstalled and installed again.

So first, try to enable displaying plugins and test if the source code is displayed in the output.


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