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Re: Phoca Open Graph images

Post by Bensch14 » 04 Feb 2020, 10:21

Hello Jan,

I have to update this topic, because I need your help ;)

At the moment the plugin doesn't work for me, because if a image set in the artice the plugin always use the image set in the plugin.
I only want the image set in the plugin if there is no image set in the article (full article image).

For example in this artice: ... ordkulisse

settings in the plugin:

I need this option:
7) Image which is set in parameters of the plugin (plugin parameters) will be set for the image meta tag on the website. In case, parameter Image (Parameter) Order is set to value Last.

thanks and kind regard

EDIT: I found the option at "common options" so ignore my post, please.

But is it possible to change this two options?

3) If no image is set in category parameters then the image set in article parameters - in parameter image_intro is set.
4) If the image is not set in parameter image_intro then the image set in article parameter image_fulltext is used.

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Re: Phoca Open Graph images

Post by Jan » 07 Feb 2020, 00:22

Hi, the ordering was voted by community, so the option to change because of 3) and 4) should be customized directly in the code :idea: See similar posts in this forum.

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