Open PDF Files instead of downloading them

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Re: Open PDF Files instead of downloading them

Post by latorreinfo » 11 Jun 2020, 16:47


The forum error is consistent across Chrome, Edge and Firefox.

It appears the google search results box is not getting fully displayed. On some occasions the buttons for the next page are displayed but only the button for the current page shows the page number ie 1. The other buttons are just grey boxes. They do work but when the next page gets displayed the results are cut off even earlier and no buttons now show. Getting no buttons at all often happens when the search is first done.

I'm not getting any javascript errors. I also tried this on an _ _ and got the same result.

I can email you a screenshot if it helps


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Re: Open PDF Files instead of downloading them

Post by Jan » 11 Jun 2020, 21:07

Hi, I see it now, thank you for the info, I will take a look at it, seems like some proble within the iframe of the Google search outcomes :idea:

Thank you, Jan
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