How do you assign an Owner to more than one category

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How do you assign an Owner to more than one category

Post by Robbie8 » 10 Nov 2012, 12:35

I Have setup up the Gallery User Control Panel as I only want administrators to upload You Tube Videos (but want any registered user to upload photos) and there is no way to enable thsi to happen as far as I can see - is there?

So, I set up the UCP but when I log in as an administrator, I see no catagories at all - I guess because the admin user didnt create any of them. If I assign a category to have the Owner of my admin id, It appears in the UCP list - great..!! - BUT, when I go to my second category and try to add that as an owner, it says that the owner is already allocated to the first category.
I dont want that - I want to be able to have all categories manageable by an admin id - (well actually I would prefer if a group of site administrator ids could see all categories in the UCP, the same way the the Joomla ACL allows group access to be available.)

Anyway - how do I assign the id owner to multiple categories, or how do I change the UCP so it can administer all categories . This option is available for Uploads where there is an Options value for admisitration only, so I think it must be something we could get, or request for the future. Without admin access to all categories / Multi owners, it makes managing images harder on live sites.

Any advice would be great.

I am on Phoca 3.2.2


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Re: How do you assign an Owner to more than one category

Post by Jan » 22 Nov 2012, 00:40

Hi, users in frontend can have one main category and a lot of subcateories - see similar posts to get info why? I have explained it there (there a lot of possible dependencies and right/access conflicts)

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