Google Adsense Easy doesn't seem to work

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Google Adsense Easy doesn't seem to work

Post by Xaleah » 16 Dec 2020, 13:22


I'm sorry, I'm new here, I'm sure this is not the right place for this subject, but I can't find a subform for Google Adsense Easy.

I installed the plugin yesterday on (Note, it's a brandnew website, nearly everything is a placeholder) I just want to have everything in place before I add content. That's where Adsense comes in, the modules and titles show on the left and the bottom, but there are no ads showing? Can somebody explain me why that's the case?

I added the website to my adsene account, which generated a code for me:

Code: Select all

<script data-ad-client="ca-pub-4231466446139762" async src=""></script>
This code I put in the 'AdSense Code' fields of both the ad modules I made, assigned the module locations and that's it.
What's going wrong here? Do I need more patience for google to review my website? Is this the right code? Did I do the right things to make this work?

Thank you so much for your time!

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