select file images do not appear

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select file images do not appear

Post by tcjay1000 » 06 Jan 2021, 11:42

The gallery was generating thumbnails. It was taking along time on one of the images so I stopped the process. Now when I try to sele ... rum-postct an image, all of the images i was trying to load are now just grey squares. It looks like I broke the program. So I figured, would just add the images again using a different name. Any new images that I upload appear as grey squares. How should I proceed to fix the situation? It is empty on the frontend where the image should appear. I am using version 4.3.18.

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Re: select file images do not appear

Post by Benno » 06 Jan 2021, 14:04

you need to enable thumbnails generation again:
backend --> Components --> Phoca Gallery --> Control Panel --> Options --> Thumbnails -->
Pagination Thumbnail Generation=Yes
Enable Thumbnails Generation=Yes
Save & Close

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