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This is a demo site of Phoca Gallery component and Phoca extensions (Phoca Download, Phoca Guestbook, Phoca PDF, Phoca Font, Phoca Maps, Phoca Favicon, ...).

For displaying different features of Phoca Gallery, use the links on the left side of this site. Not all features are listed here. You can test other demo sites too:

  • Phoca Templates demo - here you can see Phoca Gallery Image module with Mosaic effect, description below the thumbnails - with URLs, displaying detail image in No Popup window - with option to add description and comments below the detail image
  • Phoca Wallpapers site - here you can see Phoca Gallery displayed in template which doesn't use fixed width (Categories view and Category view uses float boxes), Overlib effect, installed not default theme, not default image size, back icon used in Categories View in Category View (above the images), Phoca Gallery Image module with Mosaic effect with URLs to categories, ...

Features, News

See examples of customized behaviour of Phoca Gallery, e.g. displaying of an image detail:

You can change the thumbnail size, see examples:

You can quickly change the image background and color variation of yourgallery with help of Theme Installation - Themes Download

The video (YouTube) can be displayed in detail view - Gallery Demo.

Click on 'Earth' (world) icon to see the Geotagging function - Gallery Demo or see the Geotagging categories - Gallery Demo.


Phoca Gallery Slideshow Demo (nuoveXT Icons Category):



Phoca Gallery supports Cooliris (formerly known as PicLens)

This Youtube video is displayed by Phoca Download Plugin code:
altphocadownload view=youtube|url=


Phoca Gallery is a Joomla! component. It is an image gallery with slideshow.


Download free templates on Phoca Templates site.


If you want to support Phoca Gallery project, you can donate to this project. Every support for this project (translations, answering questions in Phoca Forum, Theme creation, extension rating on, donation) will be appreciated.

Thank you, Jan


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