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Phoca Commander component version 3.0.3 has been released. It is Joomla! CMS component - a dual panel file manager.

Download: Phoca Commander download site

Documentation: Phoca Commander documentation site

Demo (video): Phoca Commander demo


  • Ready for Joomla! 3.7.2
  • Ready for PHP 7.1
  • Fixed problem with overwriting existing files in upload


If you find any bug, please report it to Phoca Forum. Thank you.



Phoca Open Graph Content plugin version 3.0.9 has been released.


Phoca Open Graph Content plugin documentation site

Phoca Open Graph System plugin documentation site


Phoca Open Graph Content plugin download site

Phoca Open Graph System plugin download site


Phoca Open Graph and Site plugin demo site.



  • Fixed problem with loading parameters

If you find any bug, please report it to Phoca Forum. Thank you.

Phoca Gallery component version 4.3.5 and Phoca Gallery Image module version 4.3.5 have been released.


Phoca Gallery component download site


Phoca Gallery and Joomla! 3 demo site - categories view

Phoca Gallery and Joomla! 3 demo site - category view


  • Ready for Joomla! 3.7.2
  • Ready for PHP 7.1
  • Changed displaying of YouTube videos
  • Fixed problem with figure tag in Photoswipe
  • Added new parameter: Shadowbox Slideshow Auto-Start
  • Added new parameter: Masonry Effect - Centering
  • Added copying of tags in Batch process
  • Added alternative layout in Phoca Gallery Image module
  • Fixed Mootools and Masonry conflict


If you find any bug, please report it to Phoca Forum. Thank you.


Phoca Cart component development version 3.0.0 RC8 has been released.


Changelog (in comparison to RC7):

  • Added new feature: Captcha in checkout
  • Added new feature: Shipment Tracking
  • Added new parameter: Enable Captcha In Checkout
  • Added new parameter: Display Product Price History
  • Added option to set default payment method
  • Added option to set default shipping method
  • Added size rule to shipping method options
  • Main Description, Terms and Conditions, Checkout Description, Ask Question Description, Store information moved from Options to Joomla! articles (see this info: before
  • update)
  • Added plugin events in Categories, Category, Items, Item and Checkout View
  • Added new Phoca Cart View Plugin
  • Tested in Joomla! 3.7.2



Phoca Cart is a Release Candidate version and it is still under development. Upgrade of database does not work between each development version. If you upgrade from RC7 to RC8, then database data needs to be updated. See:

administrator/components/com_phocacart/install/sql/mysql/install.utf8.sql (RC7 -> RC8 part):

There are SQL instructions for upgrading database of the component.

If you find any bug or you have some feature request idea, please post it to Phoca Forum. Thank you.


Screenshots: Phoca Cart screenshots site.

Demo: Phoca Cart demo site (Phoca Fashion template demo).


Phoca Cart component download site.

Phoca Cart download site.




To test Phoca Cart, you need to run Joomla! 3 and template which supports Bootstrap 3, see Phoca Cart, Phoca Gweld, Phoca Be or Phoca Fashion:

Phoca - Joomla! 3 Templates

Inside Phoca Cart installation package you will find Phoca Upgrade plugin - install this plugin and enable it in your Plugin Manager - it is a system plugin which changes Bootstrap 2 design (rendered by Joomla! 3) to Bootstrap 3 design.

Or download Simone template made by JoomForest.


See this article: How to install sample data in Phoca Cart to easily test the component.


We are happy to introduce a brand new Free Joomla Template for our Phoca Cart e-commerce Joomla extension. Simone is premium quality Free Joomla shopping cart template build on the most powerful and flexible Gantry 5 Framework. Simone Template is created by our partner - the Best Joomla Templates provider - JoomForest.


Simone is a multipurpose e-commerce Joomla 3 template which has a lot of features and options, unique module positions and offers limitless possibilities. It is a completely responsive Joomla Bootstrap template. With pre-made layouts it is very easy to manage Joomla pages. Template also has special Gantry 5 particles (blocks), such as: amazing Radial Slider, Call to Action (CTA), Features Intros, Clients, Portfolio, Teams, Testimonials, Carousels, Pricing Tables, F.A.Q. - all these combination lets you to build your own unique e-commerce website with our Phoca Cart.

Simone is easy to customize. As mentioned above, it is based on Gantry 5 Framework, where you can easily change color styles, google fonts, possibility to create unlimited module positions with inbuilt drag-and-drop layout builder.

In addition, Simone comes with Quickstart Package where it is already installed Phoca Cart. The Quickstart Package is a clone of Simone Template's Live Demo site, which can be installed as default Joomla CMS installation procedure on your web server. It helps to understand how everything is managed and it brings to you the possibility to start selling products online easily.

Simone - a clean, modern and super awesome flat design Joomla e-Commerce Template is the best choice for Fashion, Electronics, Jewelry and Furniture stores:


Simone support is not ending with only Phoca Cart - it also supports our most popular extension Phoca Gallery:


On Simone Live Demo site template developers are also showcasing their very useful Free Joomla Mobile menu module - an awesome tool which applies an Easy Navigation Menu to your website on mobile or tablet devices.

JoomForest is Professional Joomla Templates club. With their awesome Free Joomla Templates, our partner JoomForest also provides Premium Joomla Templates too. The most impressive and inspiring are their unique Kunena Templates. Simone also supports Kunena forum extension - which we think is the best Free Kunena 5 Template ever created.

If you’re looking for an awesome design for your next online store, this is a wonderful template to start. This wonderful free Joomla Template and it's Quickstart Package can be downloaded from template's official download page:




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