images not visible in order status email

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Re: images not visible in order status email

Post by jpeters » 27 Mar 2021, 09:09

Hello David,
that's option 2 in my recent post. i do agree that its not the best solution. just a work arround for now.
this issue wil be solved i a feature update of phoca cart.

just one of the things thats Joomla standard (relative paths) vs.. fixed path in wordpress.
thats why i love Joomla.
this specific issue is not joomla issue but because a mail message is not related to the website, relative path is not working.
so configure relative path, but when creating the actial message by the system it needs to be renamed to full path (current website).
in that case, when you change the domain or moving the website (for example from development to production) you don't have to change settings on this topic.


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