Incorrect categories sorting by ID (backend)

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Incorrect categories sorting by ID (backend)

Post by Matysh » 30 Nov 2019, 09:24

1. Open categories list
2. Set sorting by ID

Expected result:
Sorting by ID

Actual result:

I understand that its caused by parent\child categories sorting, but I want to see simple sorting by ID there.
Often need for me to open just created category.

Link to screenshot

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Re: Incorrect categories sorting by ID (backend)

Post by Jan » 02 Dec 2019, 15:20

Hi, the tree of category is not violated. This means, that the categories are sorted by ID but only parent categories - all subcategories then just follow the tree.

So for example:

1 ... parent category
- 3 subcategory
2 ... parent category
4 ... parent category

will produce: 1,3,2,4

So the reason for this is to not break the tree. Of course this can be customized in the module, so you will skip creating the tree and will just display categories independent to tree. :idea:

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