Load Main CSS: Yes or... Yes...?

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Load Main CSS: Yes or... Yes...?

Post by iWim » 05 Jun 2019, 18:33


I am trying out PhocaCart and so far I like it.

As a template designer I really like it when developpers allow me to switch off the default css.
Giving me full freedom to write my own css.

However... the option Load Main CSS Yes/No is not working when using PhocaCart extensions.
In fact, when Load Main CSS is set to Yes, it's loaded before the template.css, if it's set to No, it's loaded after the template.css.

So far I noticed this in the Search, Cart and Category Modules.

Would it be possible for PCextensions to respect the Load Main CSS setting?
And while we're at it: an option to switch module specific css on or off?
I.e. Category Module loads an additional css file: /media/com_phocacart/js/jstree/themes/proton/style.min.css

Thank you.

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Re: Load Main CSS: Yes or... Yes...?

Post by Jan » 09 Jun 2019, 11:16

Hi, thank you for the info, yes, I will add the parameters even to extensions.

Category Module - I will take a look at it but not sure if the style.min.css is important for the module - if it is not better to set another module for category tree without this style and without jstree option.

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