Fix User Access?

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Fix User Access?

Post by leej22 » 26 Jun 2010, 20:44

Just wanted to suggest the user-codes be fixed in next release of PhocaGuestbook so the documentation is correct... As it states that administrators AND super administrators are able to unpublish/delete the messages from front end, but it seems to not always be the case... :idea: On my install it only worked for super administrator.

....the strtolower($user->usertype) is inconsistent throughout.

PhocaGuestbook is real nice component, just thinking this should be fixed so less issues from those who use it. : :)


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Re: Fix User Access?

Post by Jan » 26 Jun 2010, 21:34

Hi, it was fixed to:

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if (strtolower($user->usertype) == strtolower('super administrator') || strtolower($user->usertype) == strtolower('administrator')) {
try to download the file now and try to upgrade.

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