Problems after Joomla4 upgrade

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Problems after Joomla4 upgrade

Post by ecat42 »

Sorry problem solved
I have upgraded to Joomla 4.2, upgraded to phoca maps 4.0.0 plugin and component.
Everything appears to work the same - except when I scroll on the page with the map the map goes over the top of the logo/header (eg in css it would be z-index [whatever is on top]) while the rest of the page content scrolls under the logo/header. The map is embedded in the article as {phocamaps view=map|id=1} - is there some setting or code to make sure the map scrolls under the header component?
I found a solution here: ... -scrolling
.container-header {
z-index: 9999;}

Your z-index needs to be high, eg 9999, otherwise the map goes under the sticky header while the map controls (called leaflet-controls) still go over the top of the header.

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Re: Problems after Joomla4 upgrade

Post by Jan »

Hi, thank you for the info, the value can be even smaller:

.container-header {
z-index: 1020;

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