Phoca Photo, category view and open graph

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Phoca Photo, category view and open graph

Post by oorzaak » 13 Feb 2018, 15:46


Just checking out Phoca Photo (with Phoca Gallery) as an addition to an existing site. Seems to cover most of our wishes. However I do have a few questions:

1. I created a category view using Phoca Photo in which we want to show just the pictures. No titles or captions. However it seems that I cannot get rid of those, no matter what I try both in Phoca Photo and in Phoca Gallery. Could you help me to find out what I missed?

2. One important feature for us is that users (visitors) can share the images on social media. Phoca Photo creates a neat url for each photo and on each resulting page, our social buttons (already present on the site) are shown. However, sharing them does not give a good result. We already have the Open Graph Protocol extension by JoomlaKave on this site, but this extension does not support Phoca Gallery. I know that Phoca also offers an Open Graph plugin, but I do not want to replace JoomlaKave. Would it be possible to enable one Open Graph extension for one type of content and the other extension for another type of content?

Kind regards, Frits