Component Display problem

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Component Display problem

Post by biker37 » 18 May 2016, 13:19


First, sorry for my bad english i'm french and i use google trad.

I have a problem with phoca photo and phoca gallery.
I'm used phoca gallery since much time and after the joomla 3.5 update i have a lot of problem.
I'm very interested by phoca photo but it doesnt work properly.

you can see the problem here :

I'm using responsive theme, rockettheme Afterburner 2, joomla 3.5.1

The problem with phoca gallerie is here :

Can you help me ?

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Re: Component Display problem

Post by Jan » 21 May 2016, 14:04

Hi, on the first link, I get 404

Is your template stylized by Bootstrap 3? If yes, the best way is to use Phoca Photo, which ist Bootstrap 3 stylized.

Second link:
Did you update to the version 4.3.0 (of Phoca Gallery)? If yes, check the size of the thumbnails and recreate the thumbnails - you should use crop function so the images are the same size. The same large size is important for using the responsive design as in responsive design the fixed size of images cannot be used.

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