Phoca cart and gallery connection

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Phoca cart and gallery connection

Post by joozen » 21 Oct 2021, 19:56


Maybe this quite tricky but want to know if it possible. I want to offer customers printing of every picture from my site Phoca Gallerey using Phoca Cart with attributes, like size, surface etc. Is it possible to choose picture from gallery and add link it to cart, add attributes and complete checkout?

Thank you.

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Re: Phoca cart and gallery connection

Post by Jan » 25 Oct 2021, 00:39

Hi, there are some ways to connect products and images but the best way is to add images directly to Phoca Cart.

- you can add ID of Phoca Cart product in Phoca Gallery (so you can link to product)
- you can display more images from Phoca Gallery in Phoca Cart description e.g. per content plugin.
- etc.

But there is no option which will e.g. add "add to cart" button to Phoca Gallery, etc. For this purpose, the best way is just adding the images to Phoca Cart directly, like on this demo:

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