Feature request - click & collect

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Feature request - click & collect

Post by jpeters » 21 Feb 2021, 09:49

i posted this request already but i can not find it..
2nd attempt.

add option to click&collect.
define collect based on settings.
- collect schedule (set per day or general collect start and ending time)
- max. days / ours between order and collect
-- daily from 14:00 - 20:00
-- define on daily bases
- Collect mode: time between click & collect or based on order status
-- time between: define time between order and collect (collect time and date based on collect schedule)
-- when order gets status collect-ready then define first available collect slot
-- give customer the option to select a available timeslot
- define timeslots per order and amount of collects per timeslot
-- timeslot (time), and amount of orders per timeslot
- define products / categories that offer click&collect

schedule interface (calendar / orderlist) with collect date & time.
sorted on timeslot with link to specific orders

User story1
so lets say customer orders a product with click & collect.
when order is placed the customer can select a available timeslot (date and time).

user story2
customer orders a product.
order is being processed and orders ar picked in the warehouse.
order is ready. change status of order.
customer get notified that its ready with link to customer profile
on profile page (orders) a option for that order to select available timeslot.
shopowner gets notified of the selected timeslot.


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Re: Feature request - click & collect

Post by Jan » 22 Feb 2021, 16:04

Hi, addded to feature request list.

If you find Phoca extensions useful, please support the project

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