Feature request - multi Vendor

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Feature request - multi Vendor

Post by jpeters » 14 Feb 2021, 09:44

add features to allow multi Vendor. other vendors can use your phoca cart to sell there products.
- Manage by vendor
-- pay per sell, per per product pay per month etc.
-- define Product groups
-- allow / disallow creating vendor specific (sub) groups
-- define Order, invoice and shipment details (Vendor Based).
-- define vendor specific mail messages, invoices, status ,etc
-- Vendor can manage there own products (add, remove, change, stock mutations,etc)

Define a fixed and/or percentage of every sell the vendor makes
- Vendor payment fee
-- the payment of the vendor (if product based) is already part of the price calculation.

-- reports vendor based (financial)


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Re: Feature request - multi Vendor

Post by Jan » 15 Feb 2021, 00:25

Hi, added to feature request list.

If you find Phoca extensions useful, please support the project

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