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Feature request - Warehouse stock management

Posted: 12 Feb 2021, 08:46
by jpeters
it would be nice to have warehouse stock management.
so that you can manage your products from warehouse point of view.
- support multiple warehouses (defined by product)
- add stock and warehouse locations (multiple locations inside the warehouse)
- pickorder location of product.
- define product workflow (default first in, first out)
- reports of warehouse inventory (pickorder + warehouse stock)
- report for every warehouse and overall
- pickorder list warehouse based. if order has multiple products from multiple warehouses every warehouse has his own overview or based on location code (warehousecode, row, box, level,pickorder)
- when stock arives you can add stock on warehouse base and location. currently you simple fill in the new total amount. perhaps to avoid mistakes add feature to have a add stock button, you give the new arrived amount and location. phoca cart will add the stock to the existing quantity.

from product point of view.
product has total stock quantity of (pickorder location + warehouse's stock locations).
on the order (used for order picking) defined what pickorder location to get the product
if quantity of order is now available on picking order, define the warehouse stock location to get more.

this way you can support dropshopping. if every suplier (warehouse) order to deliver.
multi warehouse orders will give multiple shipments and costs (if defined)..

Re: Feature request - Warehouse stock management

Posted: 12 Feb 2021, 08:49
by jpeters
alternative.. perhaps there is a good opensource warehouse management solution.
in that case its about integration and not building. ... t-Software

Re: Feature request - Warehouse stock management

Posted: 15 Feb 2021, 00:43
by Jan
Hi, yes, warehouse stock management is maybe too much for web ecommerce project. Mostly this should be done in separate solution.

I plan to add new view into administration - stock view (where you can see all stock items, including advanced stock management, etc.), so maybe this can be someday be extended.