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Some suggestions

Posted: 10 Feb 2021, 13:12
by Nidzo
I have some suggestions for Phoca Cart improvement.

* When is set Scroll Checkout and when you open checkout page, focus is on Checkout fields. Ordered items are skipped. You must scroll up to view them. Could be annoying :roll:

* On the same page it would be good to have check boxes to select multiple items added to cart and possibility to delete them. Now is deletion is possible only one item by one.

* In Phoca Cart cart module would be good to implement remove item from cart buttons. Little X beside every item that can remove them from cart.

I tried to found that function to make module override but couldn't find. My programming skills are modest . ☺️

if I come up with more suggestions I will add them to this list, if you don't mind.

Re: Some suggestions

Posted: 10 Feb 2021, 13:33
by Jan
Hi, thank you for your ideas, added to feature request list.

The cart module can be overriden by template, the file is:


(the checkout cart is here: components\com_phocacart\layouts\cart_checkout.php)