feature request - delete placed orders

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feature request - delete placed orders

Post by jpeters » 10 Feb 2021, 10:24

in current version when you delete a placed order the stock of ordered items are not returned.
the workflow should be , first cancel and then (if you want) delete the order.

- from point of law you should not be allowed to delete orders because you need to maintain your administration.
- in case of testing before go live, i can understand that you would like to clean up before go live.

can you arrange the workflow of deleting a order that first the quantity of stock is returned before deleting.
or do not allow delete but mark a order as deleted (with comments) but still visable (deleted items principle)
add a popup with confirmation : you are about to delete a order. quantity back and delete or just delete).
or something like just a message: warning. delete of order will not return stock. if stock control is enabled than first change status to canceled before deleting.

i know this is a way of working.. but if the system prevents of simple deletion it would be nice..
and in case of deletion the option to give comments so that the records are clear about it.

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Re: feature request - delete placed orders

Post by Jan » 10 Feb 2021, 14:02

Hi, yes, this is very discussed topic and really hard to say how to solve it, because there are many cases where just adding the stock back automatically is wrong. So, yes, at least a message should be displayed that the stock is not corrected, etc.

My plan for some of the next version is to add new administration view - stock view - where all the stock values (even from attributes or advanced stock managment will be displayed on one place - inlcuding some info about stock status.

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