Dynamic VAT and exent states

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Dynamic VAT and exent states

Post by egrueda » 05 Feb 2021, 21:32

I hope you can help me understanding correct dynamic vat usage.
Here in Spain some zones are vat-free, based on the billing address.
I can clic on Edit Tax and enter a different value for those states (standard, reduced, zero) but what I need is to leave only zero vat for those zones.
Should I enter 0 on all three vat fields to disable field for that zone?
Or is there a more simple way to disable tax for specific zones?

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Re: Dynamic VAT and exent states

Post by Jan » 07 Feb 2021, 15:48


if you leave it empty, then the specific tax will be ignored and the default one will be set. So you need to set 0.

And of course, Dynamic tax rate parameter needs to be enabled in Options:


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