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Add new customers to POS

Posted: 04 Feb 2021, 12:04
by Nidzo
This is feature request. ☺️

This is scenario:
New customer comes and make order to shop operator.
Operator uses POS
For future orders operator adds new customer data that will be displayed on invoice and save those data
Operator prints Invoice

Feature +
Ability to create customers in Phoca Cart administration not as users for login yet as simple customers that can be used in POS too.

Is it possible as free or payed feature?


Re: Add new customers to POS

Posted: 05 Feb 2021, 01:04
by Jan
Hi, for now, there is no such option, the problem is, the customer must be registered first in Joomla! so such function needs to have two functions - set the Joomla user (with password, etc. etc.) and then set the Phoca Cart fields.

Added to feature request list.