Feature request - request RMA on order

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Feature request - request RMA on order

Post by jpeters » 17 Jan 2021, 11:58

add a option to let customers request a RMA on a placed order (full or partial of the order).
define on products if RMA is possible or not. Some products are custom build so no RMA is possible.
and define RMA fees (law in the NL) is that full order RMA can not be charged for shipping.
Partly RMA shipping fees can apply.
And define a time schedule (after shippment) that RMA is possible.. lets say 30 days RMA after shipment.

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Re: Feature request - request RMA on order

Post by Jan » 17 Jan 2021, 22:41

Hi, for now, hard to say, if this feature should be a part of core or if it shouldn't be a part of some specific customized solution :idea:

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