customer option to cancel order

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customer option to cancel order

Post by jpeters » 06 Jan 2021, 21:58

is ther a option for the customer to cancel a placed order with a specific order status?.
lets say, customers can cancel a order until the order has the status accepted (is payd).
so as long the order is the status pending, it would be nice that the order can be canceled by the customer himself.

and if possible, scheduled pending orders to canceled if the customer did not payd the order in time (lets say within 7 days) counting from the date and time of the order..
that way we keep the system clean from pending orders that will not be payd ..

if this is not possible, than a feature requests for this topics


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Re: customer option to cancel order

Post by Jan » 09 Jan 2021, 03:16

Hi, added to feature request list.

If you find Phoca extensions useful, please support the project

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