Stock in format Decimal

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Stock in format Decimal

Post by gcastaneda » 19 Jun 2020, 00:31

I want, than the stock variable of products table, change to format decimal. because i am making a portal of a supermarket y they sale meats, vegetables. These products are of format decimal (kilograme).

Someone could advise me to make the adjustment locally.


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Re: Stock in format Decimal

Post by Jan » 22 Jun 2020, 12:11

Hi, for now, there is no such option, so:

- it needs to be changed i database (column type from integer e.g. to decimal)

- I think, even the calculation needs to be changed because integer is used there

Is there a problem to just e.g. sell the items like:

1 item of 400g of meat
1 item of 500g of vegetable, etc. :idea:
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