Cookie Issue

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Cookie Issue

Post by dusty » 24 May 2020, 12:54

Chrome is showing my site as not secure and shown links to three cookies on the site.

Searches revealed the following...

The first BIGipServerZebedee is on hundreds of well known sites and is categorised as necessary

The second a coded number staring TS is categorised purpose unknown and is found on 21 websites

The last a 31 character alpha numeric code reveals nothing in a search

I admit I know little about cookies and I have never placed one as far as I'm aware so the question is, Has the Phoca Cart placed these on the site? or

Have they been placed on by PayPal standard while I'm going through the sand box test procedures?

Advice please. I obviously don't want people seeing a not secure warning as that will kill sales.

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Re: Cookie Issue

Post by Jan » 27 May 2020, 21:41

Hi, Phoca Cart does not manage cookies on your site, they are just managed by Joomla! itself, so this is maybe much more a question on Joomla! forum. Can you paste a screenshot of the cookie values, are there some more values? Phoca Cart doesn't use any other methods then standard Joomla! methods so this should be full managed by Joomla! itself. :idea:

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