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Shopping cart module

Post by David75 » 23 May 2020, 15:48


We have enabled the Shopping Cart module in all pages except for the checkout page, so users can see always the contents of the cart. But when a user selects payment with credit card, it loads the /payment page where the user has to enter the credit card number but at that moment the shopping cart appears as empty. We have received feedback from few users about it and could lead to confusion as users may think that the cart is really empty and start again adding items to the cart.

Is there a way of either avoid emptying the cart until the credit card payment is completed, or not showing the shopping cart module in the payment page? Given that this page is builtin in Phoca Cart I can't select it in the module menu assignment configuration.


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Re: Shopping cart module

Post by Jan » 28 May 2020, 15:37

Hi, which payment method do you use? I don't know any feature which empties the cart except the order is made. Emtying the cart just happens when the order is made, not before :idea:

See image, the checkout cart even the module cart are still full even the payment was set. Both will be emptied when the "confirm order" button will be clicked.


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