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SMTP Error During Payment Process

Posted: 24 Mar 2020, 14:17
by Matthew gbr
Hi Jan and others

I am getting a (SMTP Error! Could not authenticate) message in the payment process after you have ordered and are being transferred to PayPal.

Picture of the SMTP error link below: ... height=488

I have gone to the settings in Phoca Cart>Order Statuses and have selected yes to email customer in these sections. Canceled, Completed, Confirmed and Pending but I am still getting the error message and I don't receive an email after purchase from the shop but I do get the PayPay email receipt .

Would appreciate any guidance.

Many thanks


Re: SMTP Error During Payment Process

Posted: 26 Mar 2020, 14:17
by Jan
Hi, this has nothing to do with the PayPal or any other payment method. The email is sent independent to payment method - just based on order status settings.

You should check your Joomla! email settings, because Phoca Cart does not send the email by itself, it just ask Joomla! to send it. So try to enable debug mode and try to send emails from your Joomla! - e.g. directly from Globla Configuration. Seems like SMTP settigns are not correct or there is some limit with SMTP. :idea: