Customer data missing in some orders

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Customer data missing in some orders

Post by TomasZmuda » 12 Jan 2020, 23:19

I some orders (I can't find the key why) is missing the customer data in Orders and in Summary- see in attachment. The reason is, that in phocacart_order_users table is this order_id doubled. One with type=1, ba_sa=0 without data and second type=0, ba_sa=1 with data.
Workaround is delete the row with type=1.

Do you have please solution?

Thank you ve much!

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Re: Customer data missing in some orders

Post by Jan » 14 Jan 2020, 18:33

Hi, this is OK in database.

One order has two rows in phocacart_order_users table:

- one for billing address
- second for shipping address

In case ba_sa = 1, means that billing address is the same like shipping address. So in this case only one row of both includes the address data:


So the question is why there are no data for first items (28,29) even the data are there. Testing now I don't get any such problem:


:idea: :idea:

Can you paste here the screenshot of invoice adresses of orders 28 and 29?
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