Questions and wishes

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Re: Questions and wishes

Post by Kai1 » 09 Apr 2018, 16:58

Hey. Thanks for answers!
1. Slider. When do you plan to release it?
2. Rating. "(When the product is not rated yet, it gets e.g. greyed out stars?)" - Yes.
3. Add-to-card. When do you plan to release it?
4. Arrow keys. I would have been useful!
5. Multilanguage. Look, please, as done in Joomshopping, I would like that.


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Re: Questions and wishes

Post by Jan » 16 Apr 2018, 11:53

1. I am working on batch of features for next release so after this releas I plan to take a look at it.
2. Ok
3. the same like 1
4. Ok (I will try to implement it with parameter)
5. Unfortunately I had problem with installing/running/managing other carts for Joomla! so I have written new one. I don't want to see other extensions to not be influenced by others (because making a copy of another extension does not have any sense). So can you be more specific how the translation works there? My idea is not duplicating multilanguage feature when there are a lot of solutions from developers who are experts on multilanguage feature. The purpose of Phoca Cart is not add features which care solved by other parts better way :idea: to not overweight the extension.

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