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Re: Newsletter lists

Posted: 26 Aug 2014, 15:18
by p38
Hi Jan, all I can say is ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT

You interpreted my suggestions 100% and it works exactly as I envisioned it to be. Well done.

Here are one or 2 suggestions if I may, to make it work a bit easier....
  • 1) Is it possible you can add "From name" and "From email" field when sending the newsletter, exactly the same as the "Send email" option? Most often, one would have a different reply address to that of the website administrator, and at the moment, it takes the Joomla default.
    So as a rule, if you have these fields and they are blank, you can default to joomla details. It would be great if you can put default values in teh Options panel, so this can be a once off setup. So each time a newsletter is selecte for sending, teh default otions are populated, ready for sending.
  • 2) Is it possible to show the selected mailing lists when you select a newsletter to send. What happened to me was that somehow the mailing list was not saved with my newsletter, so when it sent out, it sent to all subscribers, because I did not pick up a mailing lists was not allocated. (dont change your logic, it should send to ALL if no mailing list is selected)
    • 3) Can you have an anti spam question in the newsletter module, just below the mailing lists? The question and answer settings can be placed in the module settings, so the user can configure his own question and answer. If no Q&A configured, you could ignore it


Re: Newsletter lists

Posted: 26 Aug 2014, 18:33
by Jan

1) You can set From Name and Email From in Options of Phoca Email
2) I will take a look at it, yes, the logic is, if not list selected, then send to all users (this option is made for users who don't use lists)
3) I will take a look at it - if there is no easier option to implement standard Joomla! Captcha settings.


Re: Newsletter lists

Posted: 26 Aug 2014, 20:46
by p38
Oops, thanks jan, I missed item 1) under options.



Re: Newsletter lists

Posted: 31 Aug 2014, 21:20
by Jan

Re: Newsletter lists

Posted: 01 Sep 2014, 21:06
by p38
Hi jan, I have some testing feedback for you....... by and large the component is working perfectly thank you.

1) When creating a new newsletter, and you assign mailing lists before saving the new newsletter, it does not save it the first time. If you edit and then assign again, it saves it. This is what caught me out sending to all subscribers last time.
2) When adding the "View online" placeholder, it does insert the link in the email, however, if you click it, it opens the website, but there is no online newsletter content, it just shows the Newsletter heading.
3) When sending out emails, is it possible you can show the last email sent first? Or at least scroll to the end as default. What happens is when you have 200 or 300 emails sending, one does not know how far one has got, as the scrollbox is disabled while sending. If one showed the last email send visibly, this would solve the problem.
3) Is it at all possible to take the file attachment code you have in the Direct send Email section, and allow the same for newsletters? Most often, one sends newsletters with additional attachments for reading.

Otherwise, all is working perfectly, and is certainly one of the easiest newsletter/mailer component around...... which is what most of us want :-):-):-)