How to print directions with OSMR?

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How to print directions with OSMR?

Post by athco » 22 Oct 2019, 07:21

I display and print the map properly using OSMR.
But when I make a printing - through the plugin - the directions are not printed.
When using the Windows printing, it is garbled!
When using the Snipping Tool, it is good only if all the directions are shown. When they are too many, only some of them are printed.

Is there any way to print or export the directions correctly, either alone or with the map included?

Thank you very much in advance...

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Re: How to print directions with OSMR?

Post by Jan » 22 Oct 2019, 10:06

Hi, do you use some specific service for the routing or some open (which is mostly works on demo base). It can just happen that the server does not return all the data (try to see javascript console) where there are only some of them printed :idea:

But really hard to say as I don't have much experiences with printing the OSM route :idea:

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