Phoca Maps Plugin Error - Map does not exist or is unpublish

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Phoca Maps Plugin Error - Map does not exist or is unpublish

Post by momothebestXV » 25 May 2012, 09:56

Hello all,

I'm french, so, sorry for my english...

in my website, when I pass in English on page ... -tarn.html, I get this error message:
Phoca Maps Plugin Error - Map does not exist or is unpublished (ID = 829)

This problem only appears in this page.

Can someone explain to me the problem ?
I use phocamaps for mapping and translation for joomfish.

I went in my database but I can not find a map 829. There are only 106 cards. By the card against the Tarn is No. 82. A 9 would add it somewhere ? if so, where ?

FYI the message "Error Phoca Maps Plugin - Map does not exist or is unpublished (ID = 829)" appears with mozilla firefox and google chrome.

In Internet Explorer the message is no longer the same. With this browser is the message there: "500 - View not found [name, type, prefix]: article, htmlhttp, contentView"

the problem is that this map and markers of this card works in the French version of page: ... -tarn.html

I do not know what this reference ID 829 ...
I looked in the database, including table joomfish and it corresponds to nothing that is relevant to the RNA (about page), or a translation ...

There must be a query that asks that ID = 829 but even how?

I have hundreds of other pages that refer to maps and phocamaps that work perfectly in the two languages ​​... This is the only page that misses ...

Thank you in advance for your help.

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Re: Phoca Maps Plugin Error - Map does not exist or is unpub

Post by Jan » 30 May 2012, 14:22

Hi, hmmm, really no idea there, the code only tells which ID it got and tells then, such ID does not exist :-( :idea:

Code: Select all

if (empty($mapp)) {
							JError::raiseError(JText::_('PLG_CONTENT_PHOCAMAPS_PLUGIN_ERROR'), JText::_('PLG_CONTENT_PHOCAMAPS_MAP_NOT_EXISTS') . ' (ID = '.$idMap.')');
where $idMap is the id which was taken from article content. :idea:
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