OSM in Kunena posts

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OSM in Kunena posts

Post by Derelicta » 08 Sep 2019, 18:53

Do you know if Phocamaps works on showing Open Street Maps in Kunena forum? In the past (Jommla 2.5) I have use it in forum topics and it worked with API Google Maps.
Today with Joomla 3 I don't use API of any kind, only land maps from Open Street Maps. But it seems the line Phocamaps view=map|id=11 doesn't have any effect. (With curly brackets of course).
In Joomla articles, component and plugin work correctly.
Thank you for help.

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Re: OSM in Kunena posts

Post by Jan » 12 Sep 2019, 00:44

Hi, it depends on the component if it displays conten plugins in its areas. So if Kunena post allows displaying content plugins, you should be able to display the Phoca Maps content plugin there with OSM map :idea:

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